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Why Losing Weight Can Be More Difficult For Women

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This likely won’t come as a surprise to most women, but there are differences between men and women when it comes to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Women have some unique challenges, from medical to emotional, that men may not have when it comes to losing weight. But knowing what these challenges are can help women break through them and find success on the scale.


Many people these days aren’t getting enough sleep, but the problem may be even worse for women. Women often have a harder time both falling and staying asleep through the night. The main issues causing the problems include stress from work and family, health issues and simply an uncomfortable bed. Lack of sleep can stimulate overeating and increase appetite hormones that may make you crave higher calorie foods.

If you suffer from lack of sleep determine what is causing the problem and take whatever steps you can to correct it. Make your bedroom more serene and comfortable both with decorating and a new mattress or memory foam topper. Go to bed earlier and try to cut any distractions during sleep time.


As women get older levels of estrogen decrease and so does metabolism, causing women to gain fat and lose muscle. They are also less likely to exercise as they get older. On top of that women are more likely than men to suffer from a sluggish thyroid, which can cause both fatigue and weight gain.

If you suspect you may have a problem with your thyroid have your levels checked. Also increase your activity throughout the day. This can be a simple as walking at least thirty minutes a day and things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator when possible.


Women are built different than men, partially because they were designed to have babies. They have less muscle and more fat; they have also evolved to hold on to fat stores to nourish a baby (pregnant or not). Since muscle burns more calories this means women have a lower metabolism naturally than men.

Things that can help women with this is to eat more small meals a day to keep the metabolism up. Avoid really low-calorie diets, as they tend to decrease metabolism. To increase muscle make sure to focus on strength training as part of a regular workout routine.


Some studies have shown that women give in to food cravings more than men, and they are more apt to eat high fat or sugar comfort foods when feeling depressed or sad.

Some studies show that mindful meditation can help with this. This means you should acknowledge the craving instead of ignoring it. For many recognizing and feeling the craving provides more strength to resist it. Other studies have shown that people who regularly practice yoga often expand the mindfulness involved in the exercise to other parts of their life including mindful eating, and they don’t give in to these cravings as much.


Some research suggests that women are more likely to feel increased stress caused by juggling work, family and social demands. And they may feel more guilt when work interferes with home life.

To help reduce stress find a stress reduction strategy that works for you. Common stress reducers include meditation, deep breathing exercises or exercise, even a ten minute walk. Some exercises, like yoga, that incorporate deep breathing and meditation can be especially effective at reducing stress.

By: Sasha Jenkins

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