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How To Fall In Love?

i´ll take you away, turn this place into our private getaway


Where are you now? What is your current status in love matters? Are you alone? Has your heart been broken? Or are you in a relationship but there are some doubts? Or maybe you are married or divorced? Please excuse these private questions but your status is crucial to know why you wish to find an answer to the title question.

By the way, the question is not serious to the end, it can’t be as how may it be possible to learn how to fall in love with someone? Is falling in love something that can be piloted? Can it be defined or described? Continue reading

How To Attract Men



How do you know when you like someone? If you’re like most people, it’s a gut feeling. You just “know.”

As a result, if you asked a man to explain why he was attracted to a woman, he would probably tell you the wrong answers. He would say that it was her personality or her smile or the way she laughed. But he didn’t make the decision to be attracted to her from his head; he felt it in his heart. Continue reading

Relationship Crisis: 6 Reasons To Get Physically Fit

Keep Fit Be Happy


Relationship crises (break-up, affair, huge conflict, children problems) demand tremendous energy and often throw our lives off a healthy track – which further perpetuates our inability to respond in a healthy way to the crisis.

Don’t forget your body while you wrestle with a relationship or marital crisis. Continue reading

Quotes About Moving On – Top 5 Most Popular Quotes For Teens



Teen love? What would be sweeter? All of us are familiar with Romeo and Juliet, the well-known play of William Shakespear. It is the best illustration of teens in love. The leading female cast, Juliet, has not yet even reached the age of fourteen at the start of the story. However, the age of Romeo, the leading male cast was not revealed. Many believed he was older than Juliet. Their love story, unfortunately ended in tragedy. Continue reading