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Blood Pressure

How To Improve High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure



High blood pressure is more common in people who carry excess weight. And while it is typically associated with ageing, nowadays high blood pressure has become a problem for young men and women who may only be in their 30s or early 40s. For many people, a fast paced life with considerable stress can lead to unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, which can have serious consequences like high blood pressure. Most people consider themselves to be too busy for a weight loss diet. Continue reading

Acupuncture Could Be Your Savior


Acupuncture is an alternative medical treatment that is thousands of years old. Although, China is probably best known for the practice, it is practiced in societies around the World. Even the United States has a growing population of qualified Acupuncturist’s; and over a dozen acupuncture schools and medical schools teaching the practice. Continue reading

Seven Qigong Practices For Hypertension

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Since qigong/chi kung was first developed five thousand years ago in ancient China, practitioners have known how to treat and prevent hypertension, a condition that afflicts billions of people today.

If you are one of these numbers that suffer from this condition, know that there are several qigong/chi kung practices you can implement to treat Continue reading

Health Benefits Of Qigong



Experiences from Qigong practitioners have shown that Qigong healing positively affects a wide range of health problems from pains, ulcers, infections and allergies to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. These stunning healing results are dramatic, especially for people who were informed by their doctors that there is no hope of curing their health condition. Continue reading

Simple Solutions To Global Problems? – Tai Chi & Qigong

tai chi 11.4.09


According to modern medical research between 70 and 85% of all illness leading people to doctors is caused by stress (Kaiser Permenente twenty year study). The United States annual health care costs exceed one-trillion dollars each year. This means that effective stress management techniques, Continue reading

The Relationship Between Menopause And Depression

251/365 - Manic Depressive


Is there a relationship between menopause and depression? Yes, there is, and a lot of women are having a hard time dealing with them.

More than a million women go through depression even when they are still in the pre-menopausal stage, and a good number are worried simply because they may never have shown any sign of the medical condition until now. Continue reading

What Does Normal Blood Pressure For Women Signify

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The ideal or normal blood pressure for women is 120/80, which is the normal blood pressure for men as well. The digital monitor takes the reading of 120mmHG, systolic pressure, which is the top number, and 80mmHG, diastolic pressure which is the bottom smaller number. Continue reading

The Easy Way To Avoid High Blood Pressure?

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The issue of raised blood pressure isn’t an ordinary health condition. It can take a very serious turn too, thanks to the numerous health threats that it is known to bring along. So if you do not need to fight any of the opponent health risks it is best to stop the difficulty from emerging in the first place. Continue reading

Are You At Risk For High Blood Pressure?

A cold heart and a warm-trigger gun


Do you know what the risks are of high blood pressure? How do you know if you are at risk? There are many different causes for high blood pressure. In this article you will find out if you are at risk and how you can help prevent and control your high blood pressure.

Your blood pressure is high if it is over 120/80, which is the normal level of blood pressure. There are many everyday lifestyle habits that raise your pressure that you might not be aware of. Continue reading

Advice On Controlling And Monitoring High Blood Pressure

BP Monitor


High blood pressure means putting a strain on the arteries, as well as on the heart itself. The strain could cause arteries to rupture, or could cause the heart to fail altogether. It’s pretty serious then, to make sure things are under control.

Nowadays there are many different Blood Pressure Monitors available on the market depending on what you’re looking for. So many that it can often be confusing and off-putting, in fact. Continue reading