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The Good And Bad Sides Of Drinking Coffee

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a life measured out with coffee spoons


To properly follow a healthy eating plan, does a morning coffee qualify as an acceptable option? Is coffee actually really bad for your health?

These questions about coffee come up all the time and as many people enjoy drinking coffee, it’s a good idea to have a look at both the good and the bad sides to the popular drink.

The Negative Side of Caffeine

The majority of tea and coffee products are packed with caffeine. This is the main reason so many people choose to drink coffee in the morning. As you probably know, caffeine is a drug like any other and comes complete with a list of side effects. Have you tried not taking your morning coffee? Pass the headache tablets, right? Trying to kick the habit of drinking coffee, headaches and all, can be tough especially by creating a dependancy like this which is harmful to your body.

A point some may not know, is that coffee is very acidic? For our bodies to perform at optimum levels, they need to be more alkaline, which is the opposite of acidic. To eat foods like vegetables and fruits, that are alkaline, will lower our bodies acidic pH levels and will be of great benefit in the long term. An acidic pH acts like a magnet to many different illnesses. And, to have an alkaline body pH means having a healthy immune system ready to attack any illnesses that do come along.

Did you realise that coffee and tea abuse your adrenal glands?. These are the glands that release your “booster” hormones to give you that extra bit of energy when needed. People who drink coffee all day are unfortunately beating on their adrenals. This would be equal to the whipping of an exhausted horse. After some time, the horse will not move at all.

The Happier Side of Caffeine

Coffee tastes delicious and can make you feel fantastic in the morning. Isn’t that reason enough to drink it??

Studies have shown us that coffee consumption can help in preventing such illnesses as varied as Alzheimer’s disease, skin cancer, diabetes and more. Although many nowadays would find it hard to believe that coffee has a helping hand in such diseases, many ancient cultures actually relied on coffee beans as a cure for ailments. Also, small doses of caffeine can increase mental focus and performance.

A great drink with a long list of benefits is green tea. One such benefit is that it is rich with antioxidants, being important for such things as cancer prevention. Green tea is said to increase metabolism and help with fat burning aswell. Before you go all green tea crazy, the effects are quite minimal compared to a sound exercise and nutrition plan. Just to clarify, don’t think you can eat junk food and just wash it down with a drink of green tea!

So, what is the best thing to do?

1. Reduce your intake to only 2 cups of coffee and tea per day. That’s two total, not two each. To drink more than this is to be considered an addict.

2. If you are already drinking more than 2 cups a day, try replacing a couple of them with green tea. Not only does green tea have less caffeine than coffee but it can also help lessen the ugly detox symptoms.

3. Don’t overdo it with the milk, sugar, cream or syrups.

4. Make healthier food choices. This will reduce the acid load on the body especially avoiding foods like artificial sweeteners, sugar and, of course, processed foods.

5. Organic coffee should be your number one choice of drink. Ordinary coffee is packed with chemicals and pesticides that should really be avoided.

After all , you will not need to stop drinking your morning coffee but try to drink organic coffees without all the unhealthy additives and always drink in moderation.

By: E. Dawson

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