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The Best Fat Burning Exercise Which Can Be Done In 4 Minutes

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Want to know the best fat burning exercise which can be done in as little as four minutes a day? You may be wondering (or skeptical) about how it is possible to burn fat with this little amount of time. The answer is down to fat burning hormones.

This best fat burning exercise will have your body producing growth hormone which will burn that fat. This is the same growth hormone that celebrities allegedly buy to keep them younger as it is known as the youth hormone. You can get the same benefits by using this exercise secret!

To perform this best fat burning exercise we will be performing a squat and using a method called the tabata intervals. You would be best doing a search online to pick a squat variation which would suit your situation best (my recommended variation would be the barbell front squat); Once you have picked your squat to perform you can then begin to do the tabata intervals as follows:

1. Warm up for 5 minutes with some slow steady state cardio.
2. Get into position to perform your squats.
3. Do as many squats as possible for 20 seconds (use a timer to ensure correct time).
4. Remove weight (if using weights) and rest for 10 seconds
5. Perform a total of 8 intervals of 20 second sprints followed by 10 second rest.
6. Once 4 minutes is finished remove weight and rest (or collapse on the floor if you wish)

Warning: This best fat burning exercise is not for the faint hearted or unfit people. So work up to this type of training and get the best fast loss results of your life in four minutes.

This method has been proven by many fitness pro’s as the best fat burning exercise and has the benefits of growth hormone already stated. Enjoy.

By: William Coulter

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