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Simple Solutions To Global Problems? – Tai Chi & Qigong

tai chi 11.4.09


According to modern medical research between 70 and 85% of all illness leading people to doctors is caused by stress (Kaiser Permenente twenty year study). The United States annual health care costs exceed one-trillion dollars each year. This means that effective stress management techniques, Continue reading

Callanetics Exercises To Lose Weight And Improve Health

Dancer on a Table


If you aren’t familiar with callanetics exercises, yet are in need of a low-impact way to lose weight and strengthen your body: You’re about to hear a little bit about this popular routine, that was developed back in the 1980’s by ballet student Callan Pinckney. Continue reading

Callanetics To Make You Young Looking

Memorial weekend in Spring Mill 18


Callanetics is one of the exercises program that had been developed for more that three decades already. A man named Callan Pinckney came up with the idea behind a very different type of exercise program in the 1970s. Callanetics is what he called for this program.

Callanetics is different from the other popular low impact exercise programs. Continue reading

Fat Burning – Exercises That Do Not Help With Getting The Stomach Of Your Dreams

A Study in Curves   As the summer winds downs are you full of regret about not having the body that you had wanted to have when summer rolled around. One of the areas that most of us struggle with are our stomachs. With any fat burning exercises that are targeted towards reducing belly fat and flattening stomachs, there are many that work and many that do not. Continue reading

The Best Fat Burning Exercise Which Can Be Done In 4 Minutes

Zumba Poses


Want to know the best fat burning exercise which can be done in as little as four minutes a day? You may be wondering (or skeptical) about how it is possible to burn fat with this little amount of time. The answer is down to fat burning hormones. Continue reading

Fat Burning Exercise Tips For A Flat Tummy



There is some debate among weight loss pros about the best way to burn body fat and get a flat tummy. Some say just do cardio. Get on the treadmill and do 45 minutes to an hour of running or the StairMaster and you will get a flat stomach in no time. Some hardcore experts argue that the best way to lose the belly fat is to get into an intense weight-training program. Continue reading

Best Fat Burning Exercises And Workouts

56/365 - Running out of time


There are a lot of fat burning exercises for men available to choose from. But some exercises will burn a lot more fat, much faster than the others. This article will focus on the top 5 fat burning exercises for men specifically created to help men burn more fat and build stronger muscle fast. Continue reading