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Guide To The Food Pyramid


The recommended food pyramid provides a simple guide to establishing healthy eating habits. The food pyramid was originally established in the 1960s in response to the increase in heart disease, and to help people understand what it takes to stay healthy. Continue reading

Mitigating Dairy Disaster: Lactose Intolerance & Cheese

Pressed Lemon Cheese


If you ever felt bloated, gassy or just plain ill after eating certain dairy products, you are not alone. Ironically, shortly after I started this gourmet cheese business I found myself to be lactose intolerant. Certainly a cruel hand dealt from fate, or so I thought. Panic, depression and anxiety set in Continue reading

Lactose Intolerance – How Do Other People Manage Their Symptoms?

Pure Milk


If you’re like many of the 58 million people in the U.S. who suffer from lactose intolerance, the symptoms can be, quite frankly, intolerable. “Digestive discomfort” doesn’t really describe the situation for some people. The gas pains, bloating, cramps and rush-to-the-restroom feelings are not only painful, they can be embarrassing. Continue reading

All About Food Intolerance

3/2 nuts


Food intolerance is one of the most common problems seen today. Food intolerance is totally different from that of food allergy. Food intolerance is often happens when your body is unable to tolerate any food that you ate. Continue reading

Gluten Intolerance – A Customer Question Answered

Totally Stoned


Gluten Intolerance also called celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine that occurs in genetically predisposed people of all ages from middle infancy onward. It is also recognized as the body’s inability to break down gluten. It is identified by symptoms like Continue reading

Could It Be Lactose Intolerance?

terrified sandwich


Living with frequent episodes of digestive discomfort certainly makes you wonder what is causing the problem and what can be done about it. It is a good possibility that these digestive symptoms are caused by lactose intolerance, a condition that makes it difficult to digest lactose, the main sugar found in milk and dairy products. Here are the common symptoms of lactose intolerance: Continue reading

Seven Qigong Practices For Hypertension

websters falls revisited


Since qigong/chi kung was first developed five thousand years ago in ancient China, practitioners have known how to treat and prevent hypertension, a condition that afflicts billions of people today.

If you are one of these numbers that suffer from this condition, know that there are several qigong/chi kung practices you can implement to treat Continue reading

Health Benefits Of Qigong



Experiences from Qigong practitioners have shown that Qigong healing positively affects a wide range of health problems from pains, ulcers, infections and allergies to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. These stunning healing results are dramatic, especially for people who were informed by their doctors that there is no hope of curing their health condition. Continue reading

Using Qigong For Better Art Of Breathing


The word ‘Qigong’ is made up of the two words ‘Qi’ (meaning breath or gas in Mandarin) and ‘Gong’ (meaning technique or work). Thus Qigong basically means ‘breath work’. Qigong, therefore, is a technique of traditional Chinese medicine involving the regulation and coordination of breathing patterns to ensure good health. Continue reading