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1000 Paleo Recipes

Check out 1000 Paleo Recipes

1. Burn fat and keep it off

Need to lose some weight? Many people have seen amazing changes in their body fat composition after switching to a paleo lifestyle. All while eating foods you love! You don’t have to starve yourself on tiny salads that leave you unsatisfied. A lot of people tell us they feel more satiated than ever before once eating healthy Paleo recipes. Continue reading

Relationship Crisis: 6 Reasons To Get Physically Fit

Keep Fit Be Happy


Relationship crises (break-up, affair, huge conflict, children problems) demand tremendous energy and often throw our lives off a healthy track – which further perpetuates our inability to respond in a healthy way to the crisis.

Don’t forget your body while you wrestle with a relationship or marital crisis. Continue reading

5k Training For Amateurs

2 of 2 Two delightful girls smiling - Runners at 1st Annual Rock 2 Rock 5 Mile Fun Run


There are many benefits to exercising for specific sports like 5k. To run 5k well you will need to practice both endurance and speed work, and can there for be used in other sports as basket, football, martial arts etc. Hence it could be used to improve you in current main sports you take part of. Continue reading

Eat Healthy And Turn Back The Clock



Eating to look younger was perhaps popularized by Dr. Perricone in his book “The Wrinkle Cure”. The reason could be that his book gave a different twist to the theory of anti-aging foods and how certain foods, by eating them, can cause cellular inflammation and therefore aging. Continue reading

Mindful Breakfast

banana bento


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Very important, indeed. Breakfast helps us to kick off our day the right way as the start of the day is the only time that eight, and perhaps ten or more, hours have gone by between meals. One reason why some of us mindlessly nibble, munch and eat all day could be that they don’t start the day off right by eating a nutritious breakfast.

Even if you don’t eat more after skipping breakfast, the calories you eat later in a day are more likely to be stockpiled as body fat. Continue reading

What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Osteoporosis In Women?



Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that evolves progressively and that implies a weakness of the bones. It is mainly occurring in elderly people because of loss of bone mass, but it can also occur at younger ages. Even though it might only become bothering when you become old, osteoporosis in women starts earlier in life and keeps evolving. Continue reading

Signs Of Menopause

Hormone Therapy and Dementia | Brain Blogger


All women in their mid 40s and above the age of 50 experience menopause. The complete cessation of a woman’s periods is called menopause. This can be natural or medically induced due to surgery. It can last for a few years. During this time, there are several hormonal changes in a woman’s body. These changes emerge as the signs of menopause. There are several signs of menopause like Continue reading

Bioidentical Hormone: Pragmatic Approach To Managing Menopause

8/365 -- Prednisone: The Double-Edged Sword


Hormonal therapy has long been used as an effective and practical approach to treating the symptoms of menopause including hot flashes and irregular bleeding. Estrogen is the most commonly used hormone for HRT, and clinically used hormonal formulations are FDA approved and therefore proven to be safe and efficient. Continue reading

What To Expect When Going Through Menopause

Diagnóstico Imagen_DensitómetroMany women dread the idea of oncoming menopause, but it is completely manageable with the right information and treatment.

Menopause is scientifically described as the permanent cessation of the primary functions of the ovaries, meaning the woman no longer ovulates. Menopause typically occurs during the late 40’s or early 50’s, representing the end of the woman’s fertile years. Menopause itself occurs when a series of natural biological changes cause the ovaries to stop producing the hormone estrogen. Menopause can occur naturally or as a result of a hysterectomy. Continue reading

Are You At Risk For High Blood Pressure?

A cold heart and a warm-trigger gun


Do you know what the risks are of high blood pressure? How do you know if you are at risk? There are many different causes for high blood pressure. In this article you will find out if you are at risk and how you can help prevent and control your high blood pressure.

Your blood pressure is high if it is over 120/80, which is the normal level of blood pressure. There are many everyday lifestyle habits that raise your pressure that you might not be aware of. Continue reading