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What Does Normal Blood Pressure For Women Signify

Halle Kearney EXPLORE


The ideal or normal blood pressure for women is 120/80, which is the normal blood pressure for men as well. The digital monitor takes the reading of 120mmHG, systolic pressure, which is the top number, and 80mmHG, diastolic pressure which is the bottom smaller number. Continue reading

The Easy Way To Avoid High Blood Pressure?

Full-Figured Man


The issue of raised blood pressure isn’t an ordinary health condition. It can take a very serious turn too, thanks to the numerous health threats that it is known to bring along. So if you do not need to fight any of the opponent health risks it is best to stop the difficulty from emerging in the first place. Continue reading

Are You At Risk For High Blood Pressure?

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Do you know what the risks are of high blood pressure? How do you know if you are at risk? There are many different causes for high blood pressure. In this article you will find out if you are at risk and how you can help prevent and control your high blood pressure.

Your blood pressure is high if it is over 120/80, which is the normal level of blood pressure. There are many everyday lifestyle habits that raise your pressure that you might not be aware of. Continue reading