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Green Tea

Fight Free Radicals That Attack Your Skin’s Beauty

Vitamin C


When cell damage occurs, it can lead to skin that looks older than it is. But cell damage can also cause a lot of trouble for the body when free radicals attack your body’s cells both inward and outward.

When cells are damaged by free radicals, a reaction begins in the membrane of the cell. Continue reading

The Good And Bad Sides Of Drinking Coffee

a life measured out with coffee spoons


To properly follow a healthy eating plan, does a morning coffee qualify as an acceptable option? Is coffee actually really bad for your health?

These questions about coffee come up all the time and as many people enjoy drinking coffee, it’s a good idea to have a look at both the good and the bad sides to the popular drink. Continue reading

Top Fat Burning Foods No2 Green Tea

cafe vert


Expensive green tea supplements have become all the rage amongst the “fad diet crew” over recent years. You have probably noticed the adverts, if not actually tried some of the supplements themselves. But while I believe green tea has fat burning qualities, I’m not so sure that expensive supplements are necessary.

For me, green tea is a delicious alternative to water. And if you’re not into hot drinks you can always serve it cold; serve it over ice for ice tea! Continue reading