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Blood Pressure

How To Improve High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure



High blood pressure is more common in people who carry excess weight. And while it is typically associated with ageing, nowadays high blood pressure has become a problem for young men and women who may only be in their 30s or early 40s. For many people, a fast paced life with considerable stress can lead to unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, which can have serious consequences like high blood pressure. Most people consider themselves to be too busy for a weight loss diet. Continue reading

Seven Qigong Practices For Hypertension

websters falls revisited


Since qigong/chi kung was first developed five thousand years ago in ancient China, practitioners have known how to treat and prevent hypertension, a condition that afflicts billions of people today.

If you are one of these numbers that suffer from this condition, know that there are several qigong/chi kung practices you can implement to treat Continue reading

Advice On Controlling And Monitoring High Blood Pressure

BP Monitor


High blood pressure means putting a strain on the arteries, as well as on the heart itself. The strain could cause arteries to rupture, or could cause the heart to fail altogether. It’s pretty serious then, to make sure things are under control.

Nowadays there are many different Blood Pressure Monitors available on the market depending on what you’re looking for. So many that it can often be confusing and off-putting, in fact. Continue reading