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Some Effective Osteoporosis Natural Remedies

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On the list of diseases generally associated with old age is osteoporosis. It is a weakening of the bones leading to increased probability of bone fracture. Bone mineral density is reduced, leading to brittle, fragile bones.

It is typically thought to be a disease found only among women, though men can also have osteoporosis. Symptoms include acute mid or lower back pain and bone fractures at the onset of the disease, bringing about a hunched or bent stature as vertebrae collapse. This leads to decreased mobility due to the accumulating bone damage.

Treating osteoporosis involves several methods, some of which can be used in combination with the others. Drugs are available, depending on the gender of the affected individual, which can either reduce bone loss, or promote bone growth. Use of these drugs will vary, and a prescription from your physician is best to determine which specific medicines to use.

Combined with drugs, osteoporosis natural remedies can help lessen bone loss and make your bones stronger. Specific remedies also can lessen the risks of bone fracture, while promoting the growth and strengthening of bones.

Below are a few effective osteoporosis natural remedies that can and should be used should you have osteoporosis, regardless of your gender.

Above all, your diet and nutrition should focus on giving you adequate levels of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. These are the building blocks of bones, and your body will be needing them in order to fight osteoporosis. If needed, you should use supplements in order to make sure that you consume enough calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.

In combination with making certain your diet is conducive to bone growth, exercise is also recommended for two reasons. First, exercise will build the muscles around the weakened bones, reducing stress and probability of breakage. Secondly,  has been found to encourage bone growth as well. Keep in mind that exercise should be done carefully, and that you should avoid more strenuous exercise, particularly should you have more advanced osteoporosis. Low impact exercise, like water-based programs are encouraged.

Herbal supplements and teas are also among the various osteoporosis natural remedies you may turn to. Chaste berry, dandelion, dong quai and black cohash, to name just a few, have been recognized to help those with osteoporosis, and can be found as teas or dietary supplements. Ask your medical practitioner what herbal remedies may be most effectively used in combination with the other treatments you are currently prescribed.

Osteoporosis is usually dangerous if left untreated, as your bones are the framework of your entire body. Using a blend of conventional and natural treatment methods is your best bet to combating this degenerative disease, in order to avoid the additional complications and difficulties of living with osteoporosis.

By: Meredith Walker

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