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Skin Toners That Boost Collagen And Get Rid Of Cellulite

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The princess and the pea


I try not to generalize women as we can be highly complex creatures, however, having been in the skincare industry for 15 years I keep hearing the same skincare concerns that women have again and again.

Cellulite is one of those skincare concerns and it is also one of the least understood. The reason is that cellulite is usually connected with weight gain and this is a misunderstanding of the problem. To she light on the real problem behind cellulite I found this quote:

“The inherent thinning of the skin’s support structure makes fat cells more obvious,” according to David J. Goldberg, MD, quoted in the September, 2007, issue of Elle Magazine. Let me explain this further.

Cellulite occurs due to damaged skin and this is because beneath the skin are columns of fibrous tissue that are surrounded by fat cells, and when these columns lose elasticity and firmness, the fat cells bulge through the column.

It is the parallel nature of a woman’s skin structure that allows small pockets of fat to push up on the tissue, creating that dimple look we all despise. The skin’s structure of men is different, it is thicker and the fibrous tissue crosses each other instead of being parallel.

The weaker structure in women and the lose of collagen than leads to cellulite. Cellulite then has more to do with lessened collagen and elastin production, ultimately causing lost elasticity and thinning skin, as opposed to how much weight you’ve gain.

Many people associated weight gain and cellulite, however, even women with skinny bodies can and do have cellulite. It was this obvious point that led me to do my own research and what I found was that weight gain and cellulite don not necessarily go hand and hand.


The easy and painless way to achieve cellulite free legs is to use machines, known as skin toners, that boost collagen and elastin production as well as increase circulation. Increasing circulation to damaged tissue will bring more oxygen, nutrients and move cellular waste from the area.

The benefits of course are firmer skin, increased elasticity and less cellulite.

Some of these machines use LED light therapy, heat, mild electricity and radio frequency energy, all are quite known for building collagen and elastin.

Additionally some of these skin toners employ suction and massage to even out fatty deposits, smoothing the skin.

Another way to get rid of cellulite is to use a very cheap but incredibly effective method. Dry brushing if done every day before you take a shower can help to boost collagen and elastin, smoothing out your skin.

Dry brushing causes a mild irritation to the skin, triggering the skin’s healing mechanism helping you to achieve cellulite free legs.


Like any skincare treatment you need to be consistent for better and faster results. This is no different than going to the gym. The more you go the better and faster the results.

Like any skincare treatment there are no permanent solutions even with surgery, as the body is constantly going through changes and it ultimately depends on collagen and elastin production for healthier, younger and smoother skin.

With new advances in the beauty industry and better crafted skincare products, there is a means to handle and eradicate any skincare concern.

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