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Reduce Ovarian Cysts – 2 Tips To Reduce Your Ovarian Cysts

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If you want to shrink ovarian cysts then forget about going to the drug store, forget about the ‘hope for the best’ approach and do not even consider having an operation which can leave your ovaries permanently damaged. And the benefit of this all natural approach is that the causes of the cyst are being targeted as opposed to just the symptoms.

Here are some simple tactics you can use to shrink your cysts as easily as possible.

Don’t Eat Processed Foods

Some foods have been altered by modern technology for mass production and for long term storage on shelves, that much of the nutrients we need for a healthy body have been lost.

This means that your body breaks them down far more quickly and this results in rapid increases in the levels of your blood sugar. This in turn signals your body to produce the hormone insulin that breaks down glucose and converts it into energy the body can use.

This can lead to weight gain if energy is stored as fat but also Besides the fact that this can contribute to weight gain, it is also detrimental to women as it creates hormonal imbalances that are linked to to ovarian cysts.

Eating a diet full of natural foods will help level out these hormone imbalances.


Continually feeling stressed will also cause the body’s hormones to fall out of balance. If the body’s estrogen levels become irregular it will have a negative effect on how well a body can decrease the size of the cyst

Make sure you take steps to reduce stress every day and importantly take steps to eliminate overall stress in your life and you will also find it helps shrink ovarian cysts as well.

By: Jennifer Koch

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