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Preservatives And Additives Are Yummy?

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Cupcakes are fun to make.Preservatives And Additives Are Yummy?

Before all this processed and convenient food people used to just eat plain old food like potatoes and vegetables.

Now we barely ever get potatoes and vegetables unless it comes out of a can, bag or container.

Just because it is more convenient for us to rip open a bag and dump our food into the pot doesn’t mean it’s good for us. In fact it’s just the opposite.

I once heard a guy say something that I’ve never stopped picturing. He was talking about the food we put in our bodies and he made a comparison of fresh food as opposed to processed food. He was saying that if you put fresh food in the ground it will become one with the ground but if you put processed food in the ground it will become moldy.

I look at it that way now. If I can’t throw it in my compost when I’m done then how good is it sitting in my body? Our food is filled with preservatives and additives.

Food is not meant to last for years on the shelf. So we add preservatives and additives to our food so that it can sit there for years on the shelf and then after it’s sat there we finally decide to eat it, and the chemicals.

So let’s go through some common preservatives and additives.

Sodium Nitrate (also called Sodium Nitrite) is a preservative, coloring, and flavoring commonly added to bacon, ham, hot dogs, luncheon meats, smoked fish, and corned beef. Studies have connected eating it to various types of cancer.

BHA and BHT are known to cause liver and kidney dysfunction and are banned in some European countries.

MSG is an amino acid used as a flavor enhancer in soups, salad dressings, chips, frozen entrees, and restaurant food. It can cause headaches and nausea, and animal studies link it to damaged nerve cells in the brains of infant mice.

Aspartame, also known by the brand names NutraSweet and Equal, is a sweetener found in so-called diet foods such as low-calorie desserts, gelatins, drink mixes, and soft drinks. It may cause cancer or neurological problems, such as dizziness or hallucinations.

And here are some colors for you. Blue 1 and 2, found in beverages, candy, baked goods and pet food, have been linked to cancer in mice. Red 3, used to dye cherries, fruit cocktail, candy, and baked goods, has been shown to cause thyroid tumors in rats. Green 3, added to candy and beverages, have been linked to bladder cancer. The widely used yellow 6, added to beverages, sausage, gelatin, baked goods, and candy, has been linked to tumors of the adrenal gland and kidney.

I was actually stunned to learn about Cochineal coloring not long ago. It’s bug juice. No seriously it juice that squished out of bugs. That’s disgusting. It’s also called carmine, Natural Red 4, C.I. 75470, or E120. Because it’s considered natural there is no requirement to label it as what it really is but unfortunately in some people it has been known to cause severe allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock. As well it’s not giving vegetarians or vegans a right to choose. It’s more than likely in your yogurt.

I used to be, it tastes better with color victim, even though now I know that just because the cheddar cheese is yellow doesn’t mean it tastes better than the white cheddar.

By: Kari

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