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Pole Dancing Evolves

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Pole Dancing Courses
Pole dancing is not exactly what you may think it is. We all know that when we hear the term pole dancing, we imagine night clubs women dancing away. This could not be further from the truth. To dance up on stage on a pole is no easy task and one that most women find they cannot do. In truth it serves as one of the best workouts anyone can have that not only works out muscles in the arms and upper body but also all throughout the body.

Pole dancing has moved further from what it was originally intended to be over the years. The portable pole dancing started in the 1920s. It was used in traveling road shows during the roaring 20s as stage shows as dancers used tent poles in their acts.
It is widely believed that when Barnum and Bailey’s Circus were in China during 1914 they picked up some influences from the art of Chinese poles. By the 1950s pole dancing was used in night clubs by women for male entertainment. It has sense become an ever popular form of fitness and dance which is practiced by many enthusiasts in gyms and recommended by dance studios.

The art has even become a sport in recent years with competitions held in many countries all over the world; as it has gained the popularity of an actual exercise, pole dancing increasing upper body strength. The act of pole dancing stretches the core and general body using the body as resistance against itself. The workout as a whole can tone the entire body and accent the muscle of the body. Most pole dancing schools have even reported that the workout not only has a physical effect on women but also a mental effect of empowering women and builds self confidence.

Even men have become to incorporate pole dancing into their own physical workout routines. It is reported that in American, Great Britain and Australia pole dancing has become a common fitness class offered by most dance studios and workout gyms. The art has even worked its way into most aerobic workouts. In connection with this act of men embracing the art, in 2007, the National Pole Dancing competition was won by a man.
With pole dancing being looked at by so many in a different light and embraced just as much it is no wonder that it has quickly become quite the workout.

By: Daniel Blinman

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Pole-Dancing CoursesPole-Dancing CoursesPole-Dancing Courses

Pole-Dancing Courses

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Pole-Dancing Courses

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