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Is It Possible To Get Conceived With Pcos?

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Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of the common causes of infertility in women. While it is more difficult for women with PCOS to become pregnant plus there’s a significant risk for miscarriage, many women with this condition have actually delivered healthy children, implying that getting conceived with PCOS is indeed possible.

What is PCOS?

Women with PCOS have many little cysts (fluid-filled sacs) in their ovaries that stop the ovaries from operating normally. This interferes with ovulation and hormone production, leading to hormonal imbalance and thus impinges on a woman’s fertility.

Certain abnormalities of the body system happen in PCOS, including elevated male hormone levels (e.g. testosterone), insulin levels and blood sugar levels. Those abnormalities can affect the implantation and growth of the embryo. Abnormal insulin levels may also lead to weak egg quality.

The precise reason for PCOS remains to be elucidated. It could be inherited, and could possibly be linked to diabetes and the usage of specific seizure medicines.

Besides the existence of abnormal growths in the ovaries, other frequent PCOS signs and symptoms include amenorrhea (no period) or infrequent periods (infrequent or no ovulation), abnormal bleeding, overweight, abnormal production of male hormone testosterone (symptoms such as extra facial and body hair growth), and infertility.

What kind of fertility assistance is there for PCOS?

PCOS can’t be cured, yet can be managed successfully, and thus improving your fertility level.

1. Medical treatment options

Since there is a hormonal imbalance problem, doctors normally prescribe oral contraceptive pills to women with PCOS to help reinstate hormonal balance and regulate menstruation. Nonetheless, this could not be what you need since your purpose is to get pregnant and not to avoid being pregnant.

To induce ovulation, doctors may prescribe ovulation medications, such as Clomid. Fertility drugs such as this encourage your body to create multiple ova, while by nature your body only releases one egg every cycle.

Occasionally, doctors may use the drug metformin, which usually is used to cure diabetes, to help restore regular ovulation and fertility in women affected by PCOS.

2. Lifestyle modifications

There are a number of areas you can do to improve your odds of conceiving a child with PCOS. Adopting a healthy eating habits and exercising routinely helps a great deal in increasing fertility. If you are overweight, losing even just 5% of body weight can certainly cause a tremendous improvement in fertility. Reducing fat and carbohydrates consumption helps regulate insulin levels and improve fertility naturally in PCOS.

3. Natural remedies

Natural herbal remedies are available to aid getting pregnant with PCOS, by stimulating ovulation and balancing your hormones. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which consists of the use of herbs and acupuncture, are also pretty beneficial. TCM has been documented to correct a large percentage of PCOS-related infertility in just a few months of treatment. However, don’t combine herbal therapy with the medications your doctor prescribed to avoid unfavorable effects.

In short, getting conceived with PCOS is possible. It just that you have additional work to do, and may need a bit more care and treatment as compared to other women.

By: Serena Loo

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