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Hunger and appetite

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hunger and appetite

So, go ahead and talk about very simple things. This is the fact that the hunger and appetite are the different concepts. Hunger is based on physiology. But the appetite is based only on our brain. This is the irrepressible desire to cram in all the larger and longer when this is not only unnecessary but worst of all, when it is only a detriment.

Unfortunately, many people guess a good meal is identical to the concept of “good time”.

Let’s try to figure out whether this really is. Only after understanding all that we can change something in their minds, in their habits, so – and in my life.

The main reason for obesity – overeating, often hidden, that is, that which we can not ignore. Overeating – is the inability to stop at time to distinguish hunger from the usual desires, habits to put in your mouth something delicious and eat up to the remainder, or simply a piece of  well  to do not throw out it in the end?

The basic commandment, which should be guided in the food, is as follows:

Everything that you put in your mouth, shall not cause deterioration of your health and figure!

So, before you mindlessly reach for another, even a very tasty piece, ask yourself: do you really do not like so much your body that you are ready, not thinking about the consequences, to take and turn it into a trash can, where you can dump everything, does not regard to any amount or quality?

Try to include creative thinking as clearly as possible and submit your esophagus, stomach, intestines as a trash can, which indiscriminately and thrown in the wrong number all eat. Finally, the bucket is full, it becomes incredibly heavy and slimy, with the slightest movement, it tries to fall out of a wedged pieces of meat or fat cream cakes.

Presenting all of this, it is unlikely there is someone who in their right mind would agree with such a role, and would feel happier eaten a piece of excess.

Because so necessary to listen closely to the sensations of his own body. And if it starts sounding the slightest signs that will soon be satisfied, it is better to stay in this moment, even the hand and reached for the last tasty morsel on the plate. Smile and tell yourself that if your body will want to treat yourself to something else, then you’re bound to do, but later, in fifteen minutes.

Do not linger, switch immediately to something else. Stand behind the table, engage in such as cleaning dishes. After a while the body and he understands that no longer wants nothing. And be thankful that you stopped in time, but did not make it, panting, puffing and panting, up the stomach filled up on the sofa, because more energy for anything else is just not stay – because all the energy spent on food. And how long it takes to digest all cram into themselves! This is the real violence.

Not only that, you too will feel the joy and satisfaction that did not have to re-experience feelings of guilt and promise to give tomorrow too, then just start a new life. Why would commit violence against each other, while your actions must proceed from a sense of rationality, self-preservation and love?

For you do not have to be basic phrases such as: “we must eat up” or “should force yourself not to eat.” It makes no sense to do something, guided only by the words “should” or “do not”! All actions should be understandable and reasonable. And therefore it is necessary to do what your body wants you, out of love for him and for myself, because the cause of excess weight in the first place – is the unwillingness to hear the voice of nature.

Another commandment:

You should do only what you and your body want out of love to him and to yourself.

What is really necessary to your body, let’s talk in the next article.

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