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How to loose weight and turn everything into fun

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Do you want to loose weight and turn everything into fun?

It’s so much said about how to loose weight that adding something new perhaps so difficult, with no claim to originality and largely repeating the already known. Let’s look at this problem, exciting many of us, from a slightly different point. Perhaps this approach will help someone else look at it and change something for yourself to break up the closed loop.

Of course you can continue to torture yourself with trendy diets, taking more and more new miracle pills or bringing your body up to exhaustion at the gym, every time waiting for the promised results, looking with hope in the mirror and the scales.

Typically, it does not last too long, and after small time the weight either remains or worse – be added. You have less and less desire to look in the mirror and your reflection in it brings a feeling of rejection, guilty and even hatred, but sadly there is no sense of self-love.

Instead of living a full life and enjoy it, you are driving yourself into a corner with each new attempt losing a hope more and more to change anything.

With sadness looking at yourself today and yesterday, remembering you young and slim and thinking that you may be happy only when reset the last hateful pounds and be able to get into those pants or a dress that wore a few years ago. And your life day after day passes in the throes of guilt and a desperate attempt to return to the previous image.

Yes, we are changing with time, and there is nothing to worry about. It is terrible that seeing the changes taking place many of us cease to love and accept yourself in them.

Therein lays the main reason of so many problems: the psychological and physical. It’s the reason of all the failed attempts to lose weight is so hateful.

How to achieve harmony, to be satisfied with your forms?
How really to loose weight, loose a lot and not be tormented by pangs of conscience for every eaten piece, with horror counting calories?

Fortunately, the problem is much simpler than it seems. We need to understand one simple thing: all that happens with us depends on us, and is primarily out of our heads – from our conscious and subconscious.

It is important that we think how to react, in what mood and what decisions are made – because it depends on them the result.

And for that it really was, just need to learn, listen your body and live with it in peace and harmony, loving and agreeing how with a best friend, not seeing it as an enemy, because of which allegedly take place all our sufferings, not reproaching and not blaming yourself, not trying to rehabilitate himself, sitting on a strict diet and cannot stand them.

What a person can experience, which has a literally raping hunger, eating only one or a green leaf with super-useful kefir while, as the body cries out and demands food?

As a result, failures occur quite natural, after which your weight and thoughts about yourself become even worse. This is – the way to nowhere.

Fortunately, always there is a choice. Therefore after so many torments it is necessary to try to go the other way. And this way – not a way of fights against your body and losing weight, but the way of sensible decision, a compromise approach, and a relaxed fun when everything is a joy.

It may be achieved by only negotiating with yourself, with your subconscious mind, which is constantly rebelling and begins to hedge, putting extra fat reserves as soon it feels that once again you want to put it on a leash or a hard pill to start stuff.

Negotiate with a clear understanding of all that it’s needed – a confidence that in his kingdom all is quiet, no one encroaches on entrusted to him property – namely, to your own body, which it is so zealously protects.

The subconscious minds, like you, want to be calm, relaxed and happy. It does not want to live in a cage of diets and be under perpetual fear of going hungry or without the tidbits of something forbidden. It desires are completely identical with yours: enjoy everything that you want.

So what prevents to bring this joy to you yourself and to it?

And here we come to the most important thing:

Tell your body that you can get it!

It will be very overjoyed to hear this, because it is the absence of strict taboos keep him from the desire to eat supposedly the last time.

And yet – tell that you really love it and no doubts want it to feel better and better. You have a joint purpose with it: to achieve the optimal weight at which it will be pleased with the opportunity to get whatever it wants, without any violence and accusations of every eaten piece. Finally you’ll be happy with what made your dream to become true: to become leaner, more flexible and easier.

The path to your dream will not be difficult – because now you have no enemy, but a good counselor, which will certainly need to listen and to coordinate every step.

The first has already been made: the mood has improved, and you believe that everything must turn out!

It is only necessary not stopping and go forward.

Thus, the basic precept:

You Must learn to listen to your body and live with it in peace and harmony, love, and negotiating as with a best friend.

The next step – to understand the difference between appetite and hunger.

About that – read in the next article

“Not saturation, not famine and not any other is good, if you cross the measure of the nature” – Hippocrates

“The food that the body cannot digest, eat the one who ate it. So eat in moderation” – Abu al-Faraj

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