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Health Benefits Of Qigong

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Experiences from Qigong practitioners have shown that Qigong healing positively affects a wide range of health problems from pains, ulcers, infections and allergies to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. These stunning healing results are dramatic, especially for people who were informed by their doctors that there is no hope of curing their health condition. Of course, serious healing takes serious effort.

Qigong is the perfect holistic health approach to better health, because at its core, it is about moving energy and removing congestion.

Qigong is a form of special exercise originating from China; it has gained popularity in the West over the last 20 years or so. These exercises are intended to help enhance and move energy (qi) throughout the body in specified ways.

Qigong is easy to learn and enjoyable to do. Even a few minutes of practice can have an invigorating and rejuvenating effect. Regular practice brings about a deep strengthening effect for the whole body and its various systems (nervous, digestive, respiratory, skeletal-muscular, hormonal, gynecological, etc). Its ability to help in healing a large variety of chronic and acute injuries and illnesses has been the subject of various research programmes led by the Chinese medical authorities.

Other health benefits include improved coordination and balance. With practice, you become more aware of what is happening to your body and you learn to adjust accordingly. You learn where your center of gravity is and coordination and balance invariably improve. A former middle-aged student of mine had fallen out of a three-story building when he was a baby. He survived, but his one leg was shorter than the other, he had to use a cane to help him walk, and he had to undergo regular physiotherapy.

Qigong quickly became a social phenomenon of ‘considerable importance’; the topic was also explored by novelists and journalists, and qigong newspapers and magazines appeared in abundance to cater for the public’s interest in the subject. The original small-group, master-disciple pattern was transformed into a mass experience, with qigong ‘masters’ organizing ‘mass rallies’ to demonstrate to paying customers a range of qigong specific phenomena such as trance, possession, and a variety of otherworldly states. Qigong was practiced widely in public parks and on university campuses.

General Benefits Qigong teaches inner strength, increases flexibility, and boosts our immune system. Practicing Qigong reduces stress, stores up energy, increases body awareness, and improves balance and coordination.

Stimulate the lymph system. Qigong builds a stronger immune system so that you become less susceptible to flues and other viruses and recover faster if you do get sick.

Breathing, Aches & Blood pressure

In a study done in China, after practicing Qigong for 3 months, participants observed a “big increase in breathing capacity” and a disappearance of backaches and neck aches. Those with high blood pressure claimed a drop of 10 to 15 “points” on both upper and lower blood pressure readings. All participants claimed to have more energy in their daily work.

Improve your metabolism, digestion, and elimination. Qigong is great for weight control, youthful appearance, and balanced energy. (For example, Corrine Vahle has lost over 40 pounds since starting Qigong.)

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