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Fight Free Radicals That Attack Your Skin’s Beauty

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When cell damage occurs, it can lead to skin that looks older than it is. But cell damage can also cause a lot of trouble for the body when free radicals attack your body’s cells both inward and outward.

When cells are damaged by free radicals, a reaction begins in the membrane of the cell. This reaction can lead you to develop certain diseases – and in some cases can lead to a cancer diagnosis.

The power to stop the reaction in the cells by the free radicals begins with the use of antioxidants. Antioxidants work like stop signs in the body. The power of antioxidants can protect your body on the inside so that you’ll have smooth, soft skin on the outside.

Antioxidants do this by making the free radicals ineffective in their quest to harm your body. You’ll find antioxidants in vitamins – especially in Vitamin E. Not only can this vitamin protect your skin, but it can also work to repair damage that’s already been done. This is a fat soluble vitamin and can be found in many different foods.

You can get helpful doses of Vitamin E by eating nuts. Some of the nuts that are high in this vitamin are peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Seeds are also a good food source to give you the protection and healing power of Vitamin E.

Look for seeds like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Vegetable oils also have a lot of Vitamin E – but only certain oils such as olive oil. Soybeans and olives are great foods that will add Vitamin E to your lunch or dinner recipes.

In the vegetable family, greens like spinach and broccoli can help you add more of this important vitamin to your meals. Having a slice or two of tomato on a sandwich adds Vitamin E, and so does adding some red bell pepper slices.

Breakfast cereals can help you increase Vitamin E in your diet. Look for cereals like bran flakes, multi-grain or oat cereal. Wheat germ is high in Vitamin E and can be added to recipes without even changing the flavor of the recipe. It’s also a food that doesn’t lose its antioxidant properties when it’s heated.

There are also benefits from drinking beverages that contain a lot of Vitamin E and one of those beverages is green tea. Green tea helps fight against the radicals that could cause tumors to grow within the body.

Not only is green tea good for you to drink, but it’s a treat for your skin, too. Using green tea as a facial mask gives your skin the benefit of antioxidants, which can repair damaged skin.

By: SBrooks

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