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Fat Burning – Exercises That Do Not Help With Getting The Stomach Of Your Dreams

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A Study in Curves   As the summer winds downs are you full of regret about not having the body that you had wanted to have when summer rolled around. One of the areas that most of us struggle with are our stomachs. With any fat burning exercises that are targeted towards reducing belly fat and flattening stomachs, there are many that work and many that do not. This article discusses a few exercises that do not help with getting the stomach of your dreams. Fat burning and other weightloss work out programs should be year round and not as summer draws closer or as a new year’s resolution. Making a lifestyle change and incorporating regular exercise is the way to go to benefit you and your health and to become proud of your body without being afraid to show it off if the opportunity arises. Swimsuits will no longer be your enemy. Flattening the midsection is of special concern and the following exercises will not produce any results. Being aware of them will allow you to find and use the exercises that work to burn the fat and flatten your belly. 1. Sit Ups The more traditional sit ups do not do anything for the abdominal muscles. You will only end up wasting time and energy on countless sit ups with little to no results. The strain is usually on the muscles of the hip. A lot of people tend to raise the torso by pulling it up with the arms which is pointless. What will end up happening is that instead of working the stomach muscles, the torso is simply being pulled up and down. Doing a stomach crunch is more beneficial to working these stomach muscles. 2. Not Keeping the Knees Up With stomach crunches, the goal should be to keep the knees bent with the feet flat on the ground. They should be centered and not tilted to the side. If you tilt your knees to the side, you will compress your back bone and end up injuring your back. Proper form is very important with any exercise to prevent injury and to have an effective exercise routine. 3. Focus on a lot of Repetitions Doing more than fifty stomach exercise reps is ludicrous and ineffective. The goal should not be on reps but on the challenge and intensity of the exercise. Instead of adding more reps, incorporate a more difficult or challenging stomach exercise. 4. Leg Lift The straight leg lift is also a more traditional exercise for the midsection that instead of working the muscles in the midsection, works the lower back muscles a lot more which can lead to injury. 5. Sleep Position If your sleeping position leads to back pain, this will have a detrimental impact on your stomach exercises. Back pain only makes it difficult to work your stomach muscles. Sleeping on your stomach is a way to strain your back because it requires a arch in the spine. Sleeping on your back with a pillow under your knees is a great way to avoid back ache because it will line up the spine and prevent back strain and pain and you will be in the best position to work your stomach muscles in the morning. 6. Lack of Resistance For any exercise routine including stomach exercises, incorporating elements of resistance e.g. resistance bands, weights, exercise balls, etc, represents the difference between fat burning and ineffective exercises. By: Wendy Stanton

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