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Enhance Your Features With Facial Exercises

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Countless men and women think that only a surgical face lift can correct their facial features. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you go for surgery you are actually gambling with your face and health.

Plastic surgery turns scary when a client’s face ends up disfigured. His or her face may end up bruised, swollen, bleeding, scarred and infected. The client may also develop a nasty reaction to anesthetic drugs and suffer after or during the surgery from life-threatening complications such as formation of blood clots, pneumonia, stroke, heart attack and nerve damage.

It won’t be difficult to find testimonies and documentations on surgeries that went bad. But surgeons have to protect their practice and their name. You should know though that not all surgeons are competent. These surgeons lacking competence won’t show you files of disgruntled patients. They will, however, show you successful face lifts to convince you to have one.

Ironically it is those who have never tried facial exercises who are the first to invalidate them. They lose a lot by not trying them because they’ll never see with their own eyes how face exercises can tone their facial muscles to give them the attractive contours that they want.

Set aside time to do face exercises daily and you will be amazed at how something so uncomplicated can change your countenance in as little as one month.

You might be confused with the many facial fitness programs that are being sold right now. Pick the one that includes effective face exercises AND other important components of face building such as a nutrient-dense fiber-rich diet and healthy lifestyle habits.

First take a close-up and side view pictures of yourself. This is mandatory when embarking on a face exercise program to gauge its efficacy, and only your face can tell whether it truly works or not.

Now take new photos of yourself two weeks into the program and get your “before” shots to compare them. You will be surprised with delight with your transformation. This will motivate you to continue doing the exercises because you are now convinced that it’s the best face lift you could ever have!

By: Cecil Kelly


Crazy Funny Face Lift Exercises
Be patient through the first minute but then it becomes really weird and crazy. This is a real exercise video that my friends mum had.


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