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Drink Green Tea To Lose Weight And Enjoy Healthy Life

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It is a proven fact that green tea to lose weight is one of the safest and natural methods to shed off extra fat from body. Green tea is proven to improve metabolism and speed up the fat burning process. Your curiosity naturally increases when you find women in skin fitting jeans seemingly eating without gaining a single pound. Secret behind their perfect figure is consumption of green tea to lose weight.

A word of caution is important at this point of time. You must not consider green tea a magic potion and expect miracles even when you continue eating crazy diets and junk foods. To help green tea to lose weight, you need to follow healthy eating habits, exercise daily, and enjoy eight hours sleep daily. Modifications in lifestyle will help you enjoy visible results and maintain a healthy body weight.

Green tea to lose weight contains polyphenols, which are also known as catechins. These are very effective in burning calories and decreasing fats accumulated in body. This article discusses about how green tea to lose weight helps you to stay healthy.

Catechins contained in green tea to lose weight blocks natural movement of glucose or sugar in the fat cells and work in collaboration with other useful compounds for intensifying the oxidation process. Leaves of Chinese green tea contain catechins.

There are in total four varieties of catechins contained in green tea leaves. Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG is one of the most common varieties of catechins. According to tests conducted by experts, EGCG can change hormone levels regulating appetite in human body. Therefore, to put it in simple words, with consumption of green tea you start eating less. Noradrenaline levels in human body are increased by green tea to lose weight simultaneously. Chemical neurotransmitter noradrenaline in the nervous system activates the brown fat tissues, which is active fat found inside human body. Burning of this particular kind of fat is essential for effective weight loss.

Green tea to lose weight boosts catechins to offer you energy to perform routine exercises and burn twice as much calorie. Release of carbohydrates is slowed down, which in turn keeps check on the blood insulin level as well.

Green tea to lose weight contains abundance of fat melting catechins. Statistical reports claim that about 30% of green tea is rich in catechins. Green tea is not only effective for weight loss; it is loaded with antioxidants that slow down ageing process. Apart from this, it also contains anti-cancer compounds, anti-viral compounds for ensuring a strong immunity.

You can get in touch with dieticians to recommend the right dosage of green tea for you. Regular exercises, healthy food, and consumption of green tea will certainly accelerate your weight loss program and help you lead a happy and healthy life.

You can order green tea to lose weight online and avail of attractive discounts. There is copious amount of information posted online about the health benefits associated with regular intake of green tea. You can read along the articles posted online and ensure healthier life ahead.

By: Nick P.

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