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Detox – Start With The Colon!

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If you are considering a detox program, start by removing the waste in your colon; the last portion of your food processing chain. If you attempt to detox / clean your liver, blood, or lymph system without first addressing a waste filled bowel, the excreted toxins will only get recycled back into your body.

One of the most frequent bowel problems that people experience today is constipation. Constipation is generally attributed to a low fiber diet and lack of sufficient water, which causes the fecal matter to become condensed and compressed.

A constipated system is one in which the transition, or “time”, of toxic wastes is slow and the consistency of the stool can cause strain (which over time may cause hemorrhoids or varicose veins). The longer the “transit time”, the longer the toxic waste matter sits in our bowel which allows proteins to putrefy, fats to become rancid, and carbohydrates to ferment. The longer your body is exposed to putrefying food in your intestines, the greater the risk of developing disease.
A person on a typical Western Diet holds up to 8 meals of undigested food and waste material in the colon! Even with one bowel movement per day, you will still have at least three meals worth of waste matter putrefying in your colon at all times.
On top of all this, your system can also become continuously self-polluting by the poisonous gases that are caused by foods you don’t tolerate. These poisonous gases can enter your bloodstream irritating your organs and joints.

Alternating between constipation and diarrhea, or diarrhea alone, is also and indication of foul matter in your intestines. Problems of cancer and immune system dysfunctions begin with a toxic bowel so it is extremely important to detox and cleanse the colon.

The long held belief of some health professionals is that many people just have fewer bowel movements than others. This is true, but individuals having fewer bowel movements harbor a fertile breeding ground for serious diseases.
By eating foods high in fiber such as bran and raw vegetables, it is thought that waste will be pushed through the colon more easily. However, bran and raw vegetables are so rich in fibrous bulk that they cannot get through the tiny holes remaining for passage of faeces in most colons. Instead they back up, fester and contribute further to the problem.
There is only one good way to start a detox program and clean yourself out and that is by cleansing your colon. Your entire body benefits when your digestive system is working properly and efficiently. Different methods of colon cleansing include colon hydrotherapy, enemas, Herbal Supplements, and Oxygen colon cleansers.
Colon Klenz-R from Perfect Shape contains the best natural nutrients available to cleanse, detox and balance your colon and intestine. The course takes 30-days to complete and for maintenance, Perfect Shape recommends Colon Klenz-R is taken for 5-7 days of each month after the initial course. For optimal results, Perfect Shape recommends taking Enzyme Plus and Super Acidophiles in conjunction with Colon Klenz-R.

By: Mitchel Annable

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