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Conceiving With Polycystic Ovaries – Getting Pregnant Even If You Have Pcos

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Polycystic  Ovarian Syndrome is by far one of the main causes of infertility in woman between the ages of 20 and 40. Adding to that, its cause is unknown, therefore; there is no available cure for it. However,conceiving with polycystic ovaries IS possible if you follow the right treatment and persist enough.

So What is Exactly Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Polycystic   Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition where cysts (little sacs filled with fluid) start appearing in the ovaries due to a hormonal imbalance and prevent them from performing their normal functions, like regular menstrual cycles and the production of healthy eggs.
Also, when you have PCOS, the size of your ovaries can increase up to 3 times their normal size.

What are the characteristic symptoms of Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome?

Conceiving with polycystic ovaries can be a challenge, so if you spot 2 or 3 of these symptoms at the same time, chances are you could have PCOS and consult your fertility endocrinologist immediately.

Most common PCOS symptoms are:

– Oily skin

– Dandruff

– Amenorrhea (the absence of your period)

– Weight gain

– High blood pressure

– Unwanted body hair (this is because you start producing too much of a masculine hormone called testosterone)

-Thinning of your hair or baldness

– Infertility

So if you suspect you may suffer from PCOS, what kinds of tests are recommended?

If you are planning on conceiving with polycystic ovaries you should really consult your gynecologist or a fertility endocrinologist, and chances are that a blood test or an ultrasound will be enough to make an accurate diagnosis.
However, if it turns out not to be so clear, you may have to do a Laparoscopy, which is a minor surgery procedure to take a look directly inside your ovaries.

If it has been diagnosticated, is getting pregnant with PCOS achievable?

Yes it is.

And as acknowledged before, you should consider treating this condition with the supervision of your gynecologist or a fertility endocrinologist.

This are the 3 most common recommendations doctors make to woman that wants to get pregnant naturally with polycystic ovaries:

1- Fertility medication, such as Clomid and Femara

These substances are prescribed to woman with PCOS because it helps them to fix their ovulation and stabilize their hormonal production. It’s known for being super effective to aid the treatment of this condition.

2- Insulin medication, such as Metmorfin

There is a close relation between PCOS and your levels of insulin, so this kind of medication helps to compensate your insulin levels and facilitate your ovulation.

3- Exercise

Many women that suffer from PCOS also have over weight. Exercising and a healthy diet also improve your hormonal levels when conceiving with PCOS.

So as you can see, getting pregnant with PCOS may be a little difficult, but with persistence and by following the right procedures, it can definitely be accomplished.


By: Alexa Smith1

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