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Can Stress Lead To Pcos?

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Stress has been recognized as a factor in a whole range of health problems with lifestyle factor risks. Is there any evidence of a link between PCOS and stress?

Stress has definitely been connected to PCOS, and while it is far from the only factor it is a risk factor for the condition which can easily be removed.

There are two effects of stress – mental and physical. Both of these play a part in preventing your body from being at peak health.

When determining the connection between stress and PCOS you need look no further than the hormone pregnenolone. This is produced in large quantities when we feel stressed to help our bodies cope and its ongoing release into the body over time is the result of persistent stress!

This causes a chain reaction in our hormone levels with others like estrogen being decreased as the pathways used by hormones are overcrowded. This hormonal imbalance plays havoc with your menstrual cycle leading to some of the symptoms of PCOS including ovarian cysts, erratic or no periods and the release of androgens which can cause acne and facial hair.

Stress is not the only factor in hormonal imbalance though. Diet and exercise and other lifestyle factors must be taken into account and are just as much a culprit. High sugar and highly processed foods in particular are very dangerous for a woman’s health and a drastic change in diet can often lead to a much better state of health, weight loss and even a lessening or elimination of PCOS.

By: Jennifer Koch

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