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Callanetics Exercises To Lose Weight And Improve Health

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If you aren’t familiar with callanetics exercises, yet are in need of a low-impact way to lose weight and strengthen your body: You’re about to hear a little bit about this popular routine, that was developed back in the 1980’s by ballet student Callan Pinckney. She was born with scoliosis (a spinal curvature condition) and found that most forms of exercise wouldn’t allow her to better her condition, but rather made them worse.

Ballet is a very graceful art that focuses on slow, controlled movements which give student who practice the art-form amazing strength, cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. After several years of training in ballet, Callan developed callanetics exercises that mimicked the low-impact control that ballet had given her through years of training.

The routines that are practiced with callanetics exercises are very similar to how yoga practitioners exercise: Using slow movements that build maximum strength, while putting your mind in a meditative state to exert maximum force, while not unnecessarily straining your back and joints (remember how Callan was a scoliosis sufferer?)

A callanetics routine focuses on the fact that most exercises work and build the outer surface muscles, while not really taxing the deep fibers below them. Short, controlled movements that are worked with deep mental focus will tax the deeper muscles and attachment ligaments. This has led to better posture for the many long-time callanetics devotees.

The meditative aspect of callanetics exercises promote better digestion and a better sense of well-being for thousands since Pinckney developed the system. She herself is in her 70’s and barely looks a day over 50, despite being born with a condition that normally proves to be debilitating and often leads to the need for braces and/or a wheelchair in many unfortunate cases.

Treat yourself and give some callanetics exercises a try. You won’t be sorry.

By: James Lunden

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