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Beauty Is What You Believe It Is

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Thankfully there is no definite prescription for beauty. We all see beauty in different aspects of a person. One person’s idea of an attractive person may be completely different to another person’s point of view. A lot can be said for the saying that beauty lies within. You are beautiful if you believe it. Feeling happy within will display your own unique beauty on the outside.

We all like what we see in the movies. The heroine will awaken and rise from the covers looking fresh and stunning. The hair might be a bit disheveled but this often adds to the appeal. We all aspire to this dream of getting out of bed and looking great. Beautiful face, dazzling hair, peaches and cream complexion and clothes that look like they were made for the perfect body.

Your inner feelings will be apparent in your looks. If you are going through a bad patch and feeling down, your natural glow will fade. Someone who is feeling at peace with herself and content with what life has to offer will look beautiful. It’s not just the physical features or dazzling clothes that make up a beautiful person. The clothes will enhance the picture but the foundation needs to be right.

A bad mistake is to compare yourself to another. Do not think that the person sitting next to you on the bus is more beautiful than you are. Compete with yourself only. If you are not happy with what you see in the mirror today, try to make some changes tomorrow. Reflect on the days you feel your best and then you will have a better idea about your own personal beauty recipe.

Listen to what others say to you. They may compliment you on your hair or eyes or even a color you are wearing. Focus on your strong points and make the most of these. By paying more attention to your good features you will strengthen the whole picture to something more beautiful to behold.

Remember the inside is as important as the outside. The food you eat will make a remarkable difference to your looks. Eating the healthy foods and maintaining a balanced diet will keep the blemishes and shadows and unwanted lumps and bumps at bay.

Your face is your introduction. Look after your face, your hair and your teeth. Clean, shiny hair and sparkling white teeth help you to feel confident about your looks. Look after your complexion. Keep it clean, feed it with moisturizer and protect it with sunscreen. Treat your skin kindly and it will return the favor.

Healthy exercise and plenty of sleep are vital ingredients to a more beautiful you. You don’t have to overdo the exercise. Do something that you enjoy. It must not be a punishment. Exercise makes you feel better as it increases the endorphins. Feeling better will make you look better.

Your mood and attitude are essential elements to creating a beautiful person. Be happy, think happy thoughts, express happy ideas and do happy deeds. You will feel and look magnificent and radiate beauty as a result.

By: Katherin Torres

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