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Anxiety Attacks Can Be Totally Resolved By One Very Special Medicine

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20090911 Yachiho 2 (Aconite)


Anxiety attacks can have various causes, but the most common one is that you have been in a traumatic situation and it has never been fully resolved.

The typical symptoms are a pounding heart, increased breathing, sweating hands and an inability to focus. It’s really blind panic.

I remember reading of a soldier who had witnessed his best friend blown to pieces. He had never recovered from that shock. Years later, he still suffered from insomnia, was very restless, had anxiety attacks at any time, but night-time seemed the worse time.

He had separated from his wife and family, as they couldn’t handle this side of him.

Finally he went to see a homeopath. He was prescribed a high potency of Aconite. Within days the attacks just melted away, he was able to sleep normally and he went back to being himself again.

Sadly it was too late to reunite with his family. The split up could have been prevented had he seen the homeopath earlier rather than later.

Or purchased the Aconite in the lower potencies available over the counter. Although it would have taken longer to resolve, he would have seen some immediate improvement.

Aconite is in all homeopathic home prescribing kits and should be taken whenever you suffer from a trauma, and can’t move through it. The situations don’t have to be as dramatic as the soldier’s trauma. They can come in all sorts of life situations such as .

A child caught in the act of a misdemeanour can be traumatic enough to send them into shock.
A serious motor (or any) accident.
Being told you have a potentially fatal disease.
Witnessing or being caught in any life threatening situation – war, earthquake, etc.

They key is that you can’t move forward. The anxiety attacks are showing you that you are stuck. That needs help. Aconite help.

By: Madeleine Innocent

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