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All About Food Intolerance

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Food intolerance is one of the most common problems seen today. Food intolerance is totally different from that of food allergy. Food intolerance is often happens when your body is unable to tolerate any food that you ate. There are various symptoms of food intolerance like wheezing, swelling, runny nose, nasal congestion, bloating, abdominal pain, fatigue and so forth.
Food intolerance fatigue is basically a result of improper digestion of food. Food allergy is sometimes mistaken for food intolerance. Food intolerance does not involve the immune system whereas in food allergy the immune system plays an important role. Food intolerance fatigue may seem normal but it is not.

It is seen that majority of people are mostly familiar with the most common signs of food allergies like inflammation, lethargy, nausea as well as hives. But, it is equally important to get yourself acquainted with those symptoms which are not as common but are often mistaken for being symptoms of other ailments. They are dark circles under the eyes, hyperactivity, moodiness, throat-cleaning, sniffing and frequent fatigue. Having any of these symptoms should not be taken casually and reason should be figured out. Digestive problems are the common symptoms of food allergies, it is not only nausea rather the condition can become serious if not tackled at the right time.

Food allergies among kids are on the rise these days and approximately two million kids in the United States are already suffering from it. You would be surprised to know that peanut tops the list of notorious foods followed by soy, eggs, wheat, seafood and nuts. Though, these foods are considered healthy but at the same time, they cause allergies too. As the job of the immune system is to protect the body from bacteria, germs and viruses!

So, food allergies come in when the immune system is affected badly. Food allergies though are not as harmful but can cause havoc with the kid’s or patient’s life when not tackled at the right time. When the body is allergic to certain food, our immune system mistakes the food to a harmful foreign substance and starts reacting towards it as if it is dangerous to the body. Therefore, the body acts adversely, where it is not supposed to do.

Food intolerance or food sensitivity is the irritability or some negative reaction in the digestive system due to the intake of some food or some food component. In other words the system is not able to break down the food. It is often regarded as a food allergy, but is actually different. It does not require IgE antibodies against the food which is necessary in food allergy. It is a physiological reaction but does not influence the immune system.

The symptoms of food intolerance do not emerge immediately. The symptoms also vary from individual to individual. Other causes are improper diet, varieties of food and processing and so forth. You can easily prevent your food intolerance headaches by simply changing your diet. You should avoid all those food items which are not easily digested by your stomach. If you react very badly to certain food then it could be possible that you are suffering from food intolerance.

By: marcus dean


Food Intolerance And Food Allergy: How Do They Differ?
Cybele Pascal recalls the differences between a food allergy and a food intolerance. For more information on healthy eating visit

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