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5k Training For Amateurs

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There are many benefits to exercising for specific sports like 5k. To run 5k well you will need to practice both endurance and speed work, and can there for be used in other sports as basket, football, martial arts etc. Hence it could be used to improve you in current main sports you take part of. It could also be a great exercise for those who wish to improve their health, or wish to change their life style to lose weight.

The reason for being able to run 5k in good time could be many. I personally enjoy running 5k in the woods or streets instead of social exercising in a gym, the main reason for this is of course that I benefit fresh air, and something to look at all the time, but also because it let me exercise efficiently. A good running exercise schedule should be for 3-4 days a week, and exercising for 5k you would in most cases exercise 30-60 minutes. At gym you would most likely stay for at least an hour, while most running would be 30-45 minutes, only a few exercises would be closer to one hour.

It’s widely discussed whether you should start running intervals with full speed, or starts walking and jogs slowly to work up your endurance before starting the interval exercises. Some newer research indicates its best starting with speed work, and later work with endurance. I, however; am of the old school. I prefer start with small jogging intervals of 5-10 minutes and walk till I have strength jogging for another 5-10 minutes. I guess you would have to make this choice before you start running.

You could have a look at Enlightened Individual – Health Development / 5k training for additional information on 5k training.

After you are capable of running 30 minutes without a break you should for sure start including intervals and hill running to improve your speed work even better. There are many kind of intervals you could create, some could be for short periods, aiming to run 100 meters or 20 seconds, followed by a 50 second break before a new run. If you prefer longer intervals you could make 2 minutes or 800 meters intervals. When making longer runs as 2-3 minutes you should rest 4-5 minutes to regain strength for running fast again.

When it comes to hill running, you should make a run for 1-200 meters full speed, and walk down the hill to run upwards again. When you start of you should make 4-5 intervals, and keep increasing and changing length, or time loops.

Just a last note: don’t force yourself when beginning. It’s no shame walking, it’s more shameful starting something you quit because you don’t find any fun exhausting yourself too much. Make sure you relax and enjoy your exercises.

By: Kenji


How To Train for a 5K
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